Saturday, 18 March 2017

Posture and Postural Alignment for Pain and Incontinence

Posture and Postural Alignment for Pain and Incontinence

How we sit and stand can have an impact on pain, tension and stress incontinence. I am writing this from personal experience. A few weeks after delivering my baby, I started getting pain in my right buttock when sitting in the car for a prolonged period. It was summertime so we traveled a lot to my mom’s summer home. The pain was a nagging ache that seemed deep in my buttock muscle. It was annoying and frustrating to sit in the car. It was through a combination of stretching and adjusting my posture that helped the pain to pass.

As for bladder control, I noticed that certain positions challenged my pelvic floor more. As a pelvic health physiotherapist, I’ve been fortunate to develop a strong sense of my pelvic region and am able to detect stress on my pelvic floor. This awareness allows me to make adjustments so that I do not leak but that may not be the case for everyone. I know there are many women out there just trying to get a better awareness of their pelvic floor and build strength and may not be aware of how posture affects their pelvic floor function.

My hope is to help women and men enhance their awareness of the pelvic floor through posture and postural alignment, as well as provide an alternative position for individuals with pain.

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