Sunday, 23 April 2017

Where are my kidneys? Get to know your urinary system

For this blog I am focusing on the urinary system. I often get clients that will describe pain and discomfort in an organ but where they are pointing is not actually where that part or organ is located. This is especially true for the kidneys. Most people know where the bladder is but don’t really know what else makes up the urinary system and where these parts are located.

I created this video to take you through the urinary system and associated anatomy. It is a basic description and does not cover all the particular details. I just want you to walk away from the video having a basic understanding of the anatomy, the reflexes associated with urination and how you can impact bladder function with “just in case peeing.”

A common thing I hear from clients is that they will go pee, “just in case.” Often these are women who go to the bathroom frequently because they experience leakage.  The thought is, if you pee enough, the bladder will be fully empty and you won’t have any leakage.  I have heard this from men as well. Going to the bathroom because you have a long drive ahead and don’t want to stop is okay. It is when you consistently go to the bathroom, without having the urge that leads to problems.

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