Sunday, 11 February 2018

Mindful Cat/Dog Exercise

For this week I decided rather than writing up a long blog post, I would do a video instead. In this video I transform a common low back exercise into a mindfulness, imagery, movement exercise. This exercise is great for introducing movement when you have pain in the low back, sacroiliac joint, abdomen or pelvic pain.

If movement is too painful for you at this time, then just start with watching the movements and imagining you are doing the movements until you are more comfortable to try. Always move within the range of motion that is tolerable for you.

It is important to try and stay present with your body whether imagining the movements or actually doing them.

it is also important to know what your body feels like before and after the exercise so that you are able to note change. These type of exercises are great at releasing tension so note any changes in tension, does the body feel lighter? easier to move? perhaps some tingling or warmth where there was none before?

Get to know your body.

The Pelvic Health Lady

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